1. Analysis & Preparation

Once we sign the Services Agreement, we will schedule a conference call with your team to learn more about your product/service, ideal customer profile(s) and buyer persona(s). We will also review your marketing materials if necessary.

2. Campaign Execution

We create targeted email campaigns and make sure you are comfortable with the content. Next, we use our proprietary system to generate personalized prospect lists matching your target profiles. We execute each campaign in a non-intrusive, personal, and professional manner. We ensure prospects never feel like just another name on a list, we hate spammers too!

3. Schedule Meetings and Calls

You will receive meeting invitations directly to your calendar, at a pace you’re comfortable with. We can even ask prospects to sign a CDA/NDA before the meeting, so you can have open and productive discussions from the get-go!

4. Analyze, Improve, Repeat

We aspire to become your long term partners. A potential customer that’s not ready today might be eager to buy in 6 or 12 months. Following up is half the battle, so we prefer an ongoing engagement for best results.

What you’ll get from us

Ready to close more deals?

Meetings.bio team extends and accelerates your sales efforts, helping you find and close more qualified biopharma opportunities.