| 5 Unbeatable Strategies for a Successful Discovery Call

5 Unbeatable Strategies for a Successful Discovery Call

In the fast-paced sales environment, mastering the art of the discovery call is your golden ticket to advancing the sales process and closing deals successfully. While can help you land the Intro Call, it’s up to you to make it to the next round.

We organized a webinar with industry experts and dove deep into Discovery Calls.

Here are the top 5 strategies you should implement to skyrocket your success rate in your discovery calls:

1. Every Call is a Valuable Call

With a resounding agreement from 85% of webinar attendees, it stands clear that every call holds potential value. Approach each call with diligence and readiness to add value to your prospect’s life, laying the foundation for a fruitful relationship.

2. Listen to Understand, Not Just to Reply

The best salespeople are those who listen more than they speak. Immerse yourself in understanding the daily workflows of your prospects and address their concerns with solutions that your services offer, showcasing how precisely they can mitigate their pains. You would not believe how many people will complain and speak about their troubles when given the chance.

3. Foster Continuous Internal Learning

50% of attendees acknowledged the indispensable role of continuous training in achieving sales success. Encourage role-playing discovery calls within your team to foster learning and growth. Furthermore, if you are targeting a niche like scientists, regularly interact with your internal scientists to keep the knowledge flowing and vibrant.

4. Understand the Field

Venturing into fields like life sciences demands in-depth knowledge. A candid 25% emphasized the importance of having strong internal support to facilitate this. Avoid improvisations that can potentially harm your reputation. When in doubt, agree upon a tactical call with a technical expert from your team to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the call. But be sure to agree on the day & time when you have them on the call.

5. Cement the Next Steps Clearly

An overwhelming 81% identified the failure to establish the next steps as a pitfall leading to unsuccessful discovery calls. Whether arranging a demo or scheduling the next call, always seal the deal by agreeing on the subsequent steps to keep the prospect engaged and the sales process agile. Having the prospect to reach back out by themselves is not the right next step!

What Else We Learned:

  • 50% associate a successful discovery call with a closed sale, while a significant 66% perceive it as a step to advance the sales process.
  • 91% concurred that the quality of discovery calls triumphs over quantity, underlying the need for well-structured and thoughtful calls over mere numbers.

To watch the full webinar, check out our YouTube channel:

I’d like to thank Mr. Jim Wiley of PhenoVista Biosciences and Mr. Byron Martina from Artemis Bioservices for making this Webinar possible. Your insights are highly appreciated!

Customer testimonials | 5 Unbeatable Strategies for a Successful Discovery Call
Karim Mohammed
CEO @ Tranquil Clinical Research, Clinical Research Organization & Clinical Site has mastered the ability to open doors that were previously closed. The impressive team of folks that works to continuously build business for me, learns my business and then sets out to build my business. If you need a team to get you out in front of the right clients, has consistently performed for my organization. | 5 Unbeatable Strategies for a Successful Discovery Call
Rafael Rosengarten
CEO @ Genialis, Data science and drug discovery company gets you in front of your customers with insane efficiency. They figure out the right people to talk with, and deliver that meeting directly to your calendar. Doing business in the life sciences and biotech industries requires a deep understanding of these markets. The team gets it, and this enables a personalized approach to outreach that resonates with its audience. | 5 Unbeatable Strategies for a Successful Discovery Call
Kyle Giffin
Chief Operating Officer, LatchBio simply delivers. A totally professional team, they have increased our meeting count and helped us close real customers. I’m grateful to be working with Klemen and Urska, and would recommend their service to others in biotech.
Switzerland-based service provider are true domain experts and have consistently delivered highly qualified leads for us. Their approach to lead-generation is highly targeted and focused allowing me to spend my time and efforts on pursuing high-ticket business opportunities. I highly recommend to anyone looking to optimize their marketing budgets, whilst still making meaningful connections in the life-science industry.
VP Sales
San Diego-based platform biotechnology company
Running a lean start up requires effective lead generation for commercial activities. The team at took the time to learn our technology and our solution services with our company. They worked effectively to bring our organization high quality prospects for our early access program and sales. I would highly recommend their organization for any company looking to outsource their lead generation.
Head of Business Development
European CRO helped us to generate a multitude of introductory meetings with potential clients and some of these meetings were the starting point of new exciting business relationships. The collaboration is smooth and efficient and when comparing costs per high quality lead the approach is superior compared to other lead generating methods such as congresses or webinars.

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