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Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals lead generation

We prospect, engage and schedule appointments with decision-makers in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that match your target customer profiles.
Our service is completely risk-free: no retainers, no hidden fees. You only pay for meetings that actually happen.

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Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals lead generation

Only Pay for Meetings that Happen

Our success-based business model allows you to engage us with virtually zero risk. You don’t need to worry about month-to-month ROI, because you always know you’re getting your money’s worth.

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Life Science Lead Generation

Comprehensive Biopharma Database

We have a detailed and up-to-date database of biopharma companies and contacts (6,000+ companies, 500,000+ contacts), including information on funding, drug programs, drug modalities, indications, etc. This allows us to target only companies and contacts accurately matching your target profile(s).

Outbound Sales Expertise

Conducting outbound sales campaigns is fairly challenging if you want 1) great delivery rate, 2) great open rate, and 3) great response rate. Mastering these techniques is our bread and butter. Delivering a great service or product to biopharma companies is yours.

Targeted & Personalized Life Science Lead Generation

Biopharma-specific filtering criteria

Company LevelContact level
Location e.g. California, United States, Europe...
Size no. of employees (e.g. <500, >1,000)
Funding/IPO e.g. >$10M total funding
Drug development stage e.g. discovery, preclinical, Phase II
Disease area e.g. as broad as oncology, or as specific as epilepsy
Drug class e.g. antibodies, small molecules, cell therapies
Target e.g. KRAS
Mechanism of action e.g. enzyme, protein inhibitor...
Drug names e.g. Humira, pembrolizumab...
Location e.g. California, United States, Europe...
Seniority e.g. CxO, Director, Head...
Function e.g. discovery, CMC, pharmacovigilance...

We cover all drug discovery and drug development roles


  • Director of Research
  • Associate Director R&D, Head of Biology
  • Head of Discovery
  • Associate Director Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Senior Director, Inflammation & Immunology
  • Director Immunology Research
  • Head of CADD
  • Vice President, Early Development | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals


  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Principal Scientist of the Preclinical Development team
  • VP, Immuno-Oncology
  • VP of Pharmaceutical Development
  • Preclinical Safety Scientist
  • Director, CMC
  • VP Preclinical
  • Head of pharmacology and early projects
  • Senior Director Non-Clinical Development
  • EVP Preclinical Research | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals


  • Senior Director Translational Science
  • Director, Translational Oncology
  • Head of Biomarker Development & Translational Medicine
  • SVP of Research and Translational Biology
  • Senior Director, Gene Therapy & Translational Development
  • Vice-President Global Head of Translational Medicine | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals


  • Senior Director Clinical Pharmacology/Early Clinical Development
  • VP Translational and Clinical Science
  • Director of Clinical Studies
  • Senior Director, Clinical Research
  • Director, Clinical Biomarkers
  • Head, Real World Evidence | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Clinical Development
and Operations:

  • VP Clinical Sciences & Development Operations
  • Senior Director, Clinical Trials
  • VP of Clinical Operations
  • Sr. Vice President & Head, Clinical Development
  • Senior Clinical Trial Manager
  • Director of Clinical Development and Research
  • Senior Vice President of Technology, Manufacturing and Quality
  • Senior Director, Biologics Manufacturing
  • Director, Medical Science Liaison | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals


  • Global Regulatory Affairs
  • Vice President, Clinical Programs and Medical Affairs
  • Senior Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • VP Clinical & Regulatory
  • Vice President Clinical Affairs | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals


  • Director of Global Marketing
  • Head of Portfolio Management Team - Medical Affairs
  • Director of Business Development/ Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing & Research Associate - Pharmaceuticals
  • Global Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Director, Pharmacovigilance
  • Senior Director, HEOR | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

We support a wide range of biopharma providers | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Bioinformatics &
software | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Contract Development and
Manufacturing Organization | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Diagnostics | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Bioreagents | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Clinical Research
Organizations | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Laboratory equipment | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Biotechnology and
pharmaceutical consulting | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Contract Research
Organizations | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Other biopharma services

Customer testimonials | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Karim Mohammed
CEO @ Tranquil Clinical Research, Clinical Research Organization & Clinical Site has mastered the ability to open doors that were previously closed. The impressive team of folks that works to continuously build business for me, learns my business and then sets out to build my business. If you need a team to get you out in front of the right clients, has consistently performed for my organization. | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Rafael Rosengarten
CEO @ Genialis, Data science and drug discovery company gets you in front of your customers with insane efficiency. They figure out the right people to talk with, and deliver that meeting directly to your calendar. Doing business in the life sciences and biotech industries requires a deep understanding of these markets. The team gets it, and this enables a personalized approach to outreach that resonates with its audience. | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Kyle Giffin
Chief Operating Officer, LatchBio simply delivers. A totally professional team, they have increased our meeting count and helped us close real customers. I’m grateful to be working with Klemen and Urska, and would recommend their service to others in biotech.
Switzerland-based service provider are true domain experts and have consistently delivered highly qualified leads for us. Their approach to lead-generation is highly targeted and focused allowing me to spend my time and efforts on pursuing high-ticket business opportunities. I highly recommend to anyone looking to optimize their marketing budgets, whilst still making meaningful connections in the life-science industry.
VP Sales
San Diego-based platform biotechnology company
Running a lean start up requires effective lead generation for commercial activities. The team at took the time to learn our technology and our solution services with our company. They worked effectively to bring our organization high quality prospects for our early access program and sales. I would highly recommend their organization for any company looking to outsource their lead generation.
Head of Business Development
European CRO helped us to generate a multitude of introductory meetings with potential clients and some of these meetings were the starting point of new exciting business relationships. The collaboration is smooth and efficient and when comparing costs per high quality lead the approach is superior compared to other lead generating methods such as congresses or webinars.

Check if you qualify

To take advantage of services, your business must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  • Sales process includes exploratory sales meeting
  • Target one or more of supported industries
  • Audience size > 1,000 - Calculate your target audience size
  • Average annual contract value > $5,000
  • Direct sales, not (only) via distributors
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“An efficient company that helps us to find good leads for new projects so that we could close contracts from leads we got from them. I recommend trying them out.”
“An efficient way of outsourcing contacting new business leads.”
“Provides quality contacts/prospects for sales.”
“ has helped us to find several of our recurring customers.”
“Flexible, focused, responsive, experts.”
“A risk-free method to collect new leads.”
“Reactive and collaborative company that can create meetings for you.”
“Helps us find clients by booking meetings on our behalf.”
“A facilitator to generate great qualified leads using tailored mail marketing strategy.”
“A great way to get meetings without having to worry about how to send and manage cold emails.”
“Resource for targeted lead generation to supplement your business development initiatives.”
“Reliable and efficient leadgen service provider for life sciences.”
“An extension of your business development team to help you find new valid leads.”