Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this scenario: you’ve played your cards right, and you finally secure a sales call with a high-profile prospect who’s just itching to whip out their corporate credit card. But then, like a match struck only to be blown out by a cruel wind, you flounder on the initial call and watch the prospect slip through your fingers.

You’ve sweated bullets to set up this call, brimming with anticipation to strut your stuff and exhibit your exceptional offerings. Now, it’s crunch time. Will you effectively capture the prospect’s attention, unearth the critical data, and pave a glittering path to a deal closure?

Sales calls are like baking: with the right ingredients, precise timing, and a little bit of intuition, you can whip up a winner every time.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a snazzy checklist that’s a cocktail of pre-call prep, active listening and follow-up tactics. These nifty tips will make sure your discovery calls aren’t just victorious, but drive your sales process forward with the momentum of a freight train. So fasten your seatbelts and let’s dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of discovery sales calls!

Pre-call prep

  • Play the LinkedIn Card: Shoot a connection request to all call participants. Something like, “{First name}, I eagerly look forward to our rendezvous {next week}” works wonders.
  • Punctuality is Key: Be the early bird. Show up on time or better yet, a few minutes before. Nothing says “I value you” better than not keeping someone waiting.
  • Pre-Call Intel: If any thoughts or interests popped up prior to the call, have the data ready to weave into the conversation.
  • Homework Time: It’s not high school, but homework still counts. Study the prospect’s LinkedIn profile, get acquainted with their company’s current focal points, peruse their recent press releases, check for active hiring in relevant positions, and scope out the organization’s size.

On the Call

  • Face Time: Cameras on, everyone! A video call is the next best thing to a physical meeting. It’s more personal, and usually prompts others to follow suit or apologize for their invisibility.
  • Build a Bridge: Establish rapport by discussing something you learned about them or their company during your prep.
  • Two-Way Street: This isn’t a monologue, it’s a dialogue. Get them comfortable, chatty, and invested in the conversation.
  • The Inquisitive Beaver: Before you launch into your spiel, get the lowdown on their company, objectives, their role and activities in your target area.
  • The Art of Listening: Pay rapt attention to their words and respond accordingly. Nodding your head while scrolling through your emails won’t cut it.
  • Dig Deeper: Keep the questions flowing. Probe more, learn more, understand more.
  • Your Turn: When it’s time for your business introduction, avoid slides if you can. It keeps them on their toes, engaged and interactive.
  • Less is More: Resist the temptation to over-detail. Let them ask for it, which keeps them hooked and the conversation alive.
  • Track Record & USP: While introducing your business, exhibit your achievements that are relevant to the participants and underscore your USPs clearly.
  • Score Big: As the call wraps up, aim for the maximum commitment you can extract, whether it’s a follow-up call, sending them documents for review, or a timeline for their response.

After the Call

  • Keep the Momentum: Follow up on the agreed next steps. Send meeting invites, detailed emails, thank-you notes and request feedback after their internal discussion.
  • Deliver Promises: If they requested specific info, dig it up and deliver. Keep your word.
  • Persistence Pays: Stay proactive till the next step. If a meeting is scheduled, great! If they need to debrief internally, make sure you get their feedback.

Sales calls are like baking: with the right ingredients, precise timing, and a little bit of intuition, you can whip up a winner every time. Just remember, even the most seasoned chefs sometimes need a recipe – consider this yours for success in every discovery call. Now, get out there and start cooking up some deals!