Although I have a PhD in computer science, I have long ceased to be a computer professional. In the last 10 years I have been much more interested in entrepreneurship, team building, business development and sales. Achieving’s broader vision—to become the world’s largest provider of lead generation services and products—is only possible if we successfully solve a series of hard technological challenges. That’s why I see primarily as a technology company, rather than a service company. I was aware from the beginning that sooner or later we would need to find a professional computer scientist to take over the technical function in the company. After more than 2 years, this is finally happening.

In the autumn of 2021, I posted an invitation for programmers to join us as co-founder and CTO. 20 candidates applied, 14 of them were very interested. 5 candidates were asked to work on an extensive homework. 2 of the best candidates were invited for a technical interview. At this point, I would like to once again thank everyone who responded to the invitation and invested their time and energy into interviewing with us. You all know who you are.

Finding a co-founder, especially if they are joining existing founders, is an extremely challenging task. Many things need to fall in the right place. It’s not enough to be a person of superior competence, hard work, integrity, and all that goes with it. The key is that you feel great working with this person, and that you quickly build the necessary trust, that you will always be able to find common ground through discussion. Also, it is great if the new co-founder complements existing founders with their personality traits.

Today, I am very happy to announce that we have found such a person. Matevž Poljanc is joining the team as CTO and co-founder. I am pretty sure we could hardly find a better partner than him.

When Matevž sent me his CV, I couldn’t understand how a 25-year-old computer scientist could have achieved so much in so little time. As a high school student, he and a team of classmates had already won the American Computer Science League (US) international programming competition twice. After studying Computer Science at the prestigious University of Cambridge (UK), he worked as an intern for JP Morgan & Chase developing web applications. Soon after, he co-founded his first startup, LendOne as CTO. He then worked as a full-stack developer at one of the best Slovenian startups, Ehrana. For the last 3 years he has been leading the development team at Spin, a Slovenian company that develops accounting solutions. He is proficient in backend (Python, Django, PostgreSQL), web (NextJS, React, Typescript, Chakra UI) and infrastructure technologies (Kubernetes, Helm, VMware, Terraform, AWS, Google Cloud).

Matevž, welcome to! I am very excited about you joining us and can’t wait to build a great company with you on board.

P.S. for software engineers: Later this year we plan to expand our engineering team. If you might be interested in working with us in the mid-term, I invite you to email me at, and I’ll be happy to let you know when we’ll be looking for new team members (of course, under strict confidentiality).