Here’s a riddle for you:

“In the tongue of serpents, weave a path unseen using the messenger of ‘requests’. Seek the silent sentinel standing tall at the height of a thousand and eighty-one pairs of socks. In the realm of life’s gathering, where ‘dh2023’ and ‘meetings’ dance under ‘bio’, request the whisper hidden at ‘/secretmessage’. Speak your word, hear its echo, and reflect it to the world.”

Any ideas on how to approach solving it? Oh, and the name of this challenge is SOCKS Challenge. Rings a bell?

What we first thought would be an innocent little side challenge that our team at would organize for participants of the DragonHack 2023 hackathon, turned out to be an hours-long time-waster for at least 8 people who solved our challenge successfully. Congrats to all of you!

We named it SOCKS Challenge because the winners would get a pair of socks, but also because the only way to get to the solution was using a SOCKS proxy, an ancient internet protocol most contestants were too young to know about. And that for sure made the challenge quite interesting! was one of the main sponsors of the event, and as such we were able to propose our own challenge: Best use of LLMs. We built a dedicated OpenAI proxy API and granted each of 18 teams who applied their hack to our challenge, a $50 worth of OpenAI credits. It was truly impressive to watch what kind of solutions the teams built on top of OpenAI’s platform:

SPARK by Pregnant lady emoji (winner of our challenge)

Spark is a web app to protest online with the power of Twitter. Log in with your account and pick a topic you care about. Spark will generate a tweet with ChatGPT and tag relevant politicians. Then post it a couple of times to amplify your voice.

Congrats to to all Pregnant lady emoji team members: Janez Justin, Matevž Vidovič, Rihard Šmid and Aljaž Rakovec!


Our chatbot helps users pick the best spot for a trip based on real-time webcam data. It provides weather forecasts, webcam images and answers using VQA. It can provide data for a specific location or make recommendations fitting user requirements.

PRIŠEPNI MI by Bootstrap boys

Prišepni-mi is revolutionizing the podcast discovery process. Our platform transcribes podcasts and uses an LLM to create representative vector embeddings. With these embeddings, we produce a semantic search engine for podcasts.


Promptemon is a prompt based card game. The characters and effects are created by passing prompts to the AI. The AI then outputs character and effect based on predefined requirements such as “element type”, health, damage, etc. This is a good representation of how such mechanism could be use for example in RPG’s where in a fantasy world the only limit is your imagination…

SMART GARDEN by Greengos

The Smart Garden application comprises a robust web and mobile platform, integrated with multiple APIs, offering a comprehensive gardening solution.. The web component provides a user-friendly interface for managing gardens, while the mobile app enables on-the-go access and in-depth garden insights. The APIs facilitate seamless integration with external systems, enabling data exchange and enhancing functionality. This comprehensive ecosystem empowers users to effortlessly monitor and optimize their gardens, fostering sustainable and efficient gardening practices.

CHATBUDDY by Chimichanga

ChatBuddy is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS platforms that offers a convenient solution for finding the perfect response to any message you receive.

The rest of the hacks are available here.

Both our CTO Matevž and I really enjoyed the event, and hacked along a bit (putting together the challenge was a real delicacy!). It is definitely the best way to meet new generations of builders of all kinds, who not only have great ideas but are actually willing to put in an insane amount of focus and effort to build them and go from 0 to 1 in the course of 24 hours.

Also, big thanks to the DragonHack organizers, who put together a really high-quality event. See you next year!