In September 2019, my friend and now second-time co-founder, Klemen, and I had just boarded our flight to the ESMO conference in Barcelona:

“You know, I was thinking…” I said to him while fastening my seat belt, “Why don’t we offer this to other companies?”

We always enjoy traveling together for business—it’s such a great opportunity to just go on and on playing with wild business ideas, bouncing them off each other.

He looked at me, a bit confused, “What do you mean?”

“The lead-gen process we’ve built over the past couple of years. I really think other companies would find it valuable.”

“You mean getting meetings for others? Maybe.”

Over the past several years at Genialis—the first company we helped found—we have developed and refined a methodology for sales outreach that works too well to keep a secret. With Genialis positioned as an industry leader in computational precision medicine, and a recognized expert in gene expression based biomarker development, Klemen and I both felt it might be time to start thinking seriously about taking on a new commercial challenge.

At Genialis, we built a repeatable process that enabled us to go from chance meetings at expensive conference booths with low ROI, to consistently scheduling 15 exploratory meetings per month with biopharma executives, using capital-efficient targeted email campaigns. Getting this to work well in the biopharma market was tricky, required tons of experimentation, and no small amount of persistence. Eventually, though, we emerged with something reliable, reproducible, and more than a little bit exciting.

Our approach combines two key elements: First, a meticulously annotated database of biopharma prospects, which we built ourselves. None of the existing databases provided sufficiently detailed information for targeted and sophisticated email campaigns. And second, a highly-customized copywriting process considering several different prospect dimensions at the same time—e.g. roles within target companies, stages of drug programs, disease indications, etc.

Today, four months after our flight to Barcelona, Klemen and I are excited to announce the launch of our new company, is a sales consultancy that delivers a constant flow of business meetings to companies serving the life sciences & biopharma markets.

“We could become a turn-key lead generation company for the life science industry”, Klemen suggested as we feasted on tapas on Las Ramblas.

“Exactly! That’d be tons of fun.” I nodded with a smile.

“Well, let’s make it happen then!”, he said raising his glass for a toast. “Cheers! To our new adventure!”

We are over the moon about this new endeavor, and can’t wait to apply our skills and resources to help life science companies with lead generation. Genialis will remain our customer, and we’re grateful to our co-founders and senior leadership for their encouragement with Thank you!



If you work in sales or business development at a life science company selling into biopharma, let’s talk! There’s a good chance we can help you consistently bring in new business.